Our Event

With over a decade of experience in holding international events, PUD brands are quietly well-known for all stakeholders of upstream industry. The greatest upstream events of petroleum industry always bring the synergy, development and growth to the action. We always wanted to be the reason to gather all stakeholders, from top governmental to smallest companies together for future development of the region.

Title of the events that have been held:

  • International Iran drilling Congress and Exhibition
  • International Iran contracting development congress in Oil industry
  • Iran Exploration and Development Congress and Exhibition
  • Iran drilling services conference
  • Iran drilling fluids conference
  • Iran completion and work-over conference

Unique characteristics (4th Iran International Drilling Congress):

  • ۱,۲۰۰ Delegates
  • ۳۰ Panels
  • ۲۰۰ Speakers
  • ۱۵۰ Companies

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