Directional Drilling Services

Although it is over three decades since directional drilling has been applied in Iran drilling industry, supplying main tools, equipment, spare parts & related software is highly dependent to foreign sources,  and access to the new and most optimized technologies is so difficult and even impossible in some occasions. As the majority of active local service providers just play the intermediary role to import directional drilling equipment to cover country’s basic requirement and due to the fact that there have not been effective efforts for entrance of advanced technologies, a considerable gap could be observed between Iran and Middle East countries in terms of subjected service quantity and quality.

Commenting about current shortage and challenges of directional drilling service in Iran needs comprehensive database and precise statistical surveys of available information. Nevertheless, the major diagnosed challenges could be addressed as following:

  1. Lack of national comprehensive database about past and current directional drilling workloads, future requirements, number of active local service providers and their hardware and software capabilities.
  2. Limited access to well-known and valid manufacturers to supply substantial equipment and maintain reliable and sufficient spare parts and poor after-sale services.
  3. Limited access to advanced technologies.
  4. Major deficiency in equipment manufacturing mainly caused by lack of financial supports from related organizations and intention of service providers to render their services by imported equipment.
  5. Insufficient expenditure in personnel training.


Undoubtedly, the remarkable improvements in Oil & Gas industry encompassing directional drilling technology have been achieved by major E&P’s R&D departments together with closed collaboration between industry and university which apparently has not been considered effectively in the country. It seems that paying more attention to R&D efforts, supporting private sector investment by suppliant national clients as well as establishing an effective cooperation between industry and university, could pave a path toward meeting micro & macro objectives in such lucrative and strategic industry in Iran Oil & Gas market.

Hamireza Bayat

Technical Manager

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