Iran Fields Data

We provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on oil & gas fields of Iran. Our Fields data reports and dataset products include  Production, Exploration and development  details of fields for companies ,operators and clients and also details of fields of IPC contracts.

You can see some of the information that we can provide in below:

(This is the information of the Fields that offered in IPC Conference)


National Iranian oil Company E&P Projects:

What you’ll find in every fields report:

  • Volumetrically consistent information on the original oil in-place endowment in each oil reservoir.
  • Updated information on cumulative oil production plus remaining oil reserves for each oil reservoir.
  • Reservoir-specific data includes :oil viscosity,oil gravity, reservoir temperature and reservoir pressure,active and shut-in producing wells,volumes of water injection and production,…

Total Cost:1500 $          

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