Digitalization and Oil and Gas Industry

A new phenomena named “digitalization” is changing the world and attempts to improve the lifestyle. Artificial intelligence (AI), Big data, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), automation, Cloud computing, and other technologies brought by digitalization are penetrating in all industries and resulting in the revolutions.

Petroleum industry is not an exception. This industry is facing a new era as digitalization growth. The whole petroleum industry including upstream, middle stream, and downstream are using digitalization more and more every day in order to operations safety, and cost savings.

New startups are appearing rapidly. IOC’s try to find a way to leverage digitalization into their routine jobs in order to derive value and unlock opportunities for further growth and optimization.

Big data is one of the most famous digitalization technologies that is almost applicable in the whole industries. In upstream industry “big data” can be used for organizing and classifying exploration, drilling and production data. For the upstream industry, IoT can improve optimization by providing new operational insights from analysis of diverse sets of operational data such as drilling parameters and cross-disciplinary data such as geological models.

Digitalization affect HR conditions in the industries. It can help human resources to work more accurately, more efficiently and safer than before. However, it may affect their job positions. In this chapter digitalization in oil and gas industry is investigated. A definition of digitalization and its application in different industries have been mentioned. And digitalization application in oil and gas industry especially upstream industry is discussed. Also we will find out how digitalization affect HR.

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